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  • Info In mathematics and computer science, Apply is a function that applies functions to arguments. more...
  • Alexander believed his work could be applied to improve individual health and well being.
  • Initially the technology could only be applied to the head when separated from the body.
  • It seems he was not told of either, since he never applied for any of the money.
  • It is likely that he would have gained entry if he had applied for it.
  • The findings of music performance research can often be applied in music education.
  • A treatment or cure is applied after a medical problem has already started.
  • How much science is applied in a design is a question of what is considered "science".
  • A part of his "applied music" is now applied to Italian television films.
  • He was given a building from which the poor could at any time apply for assistance.
  • The title also applies to an individual carrying out research in information science.
  • It also takes the applied approach, looking at individual language development and clinical issues.
  • The result is that they apply an equal and opposite force in response.
  • These rules apply for any real or complex number x, unless otherwise stated.
  • It will be the same to me whatever name we apply.
  • Within the same kingdom one generic name can apply to only one genus.
  • This method uses time to apply pressure to the other party.
  • The term can apply to a large set of software products.
  • Both programs are competitive and students may apply during their junior or senior year.
  • It also applied to the administration of the empire.
  • In some cases this may even apply when referring to people, particularly children.
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Meaning of apply

  • verb Be pertinent or relevant or applicable
    The same laws apply to you!, This theory holds for all irrational numbers, The same rules go for everyone
  • verb Ask (for something)
    He applied for a leave of absence, She applied for college, apply for a job
  • verb Refer (a word or name) to a person or thing
    He applied this racial slur to me!
  • verb Apply oneself to
    Please apply yourself to your homework