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  • That being the case, they are often still applicable to more than one language.
  • The first term consists of military knowledge applicable to all services, including military history and military law.
  • Many of the civil uses given in the following section may also be applicable to naval use.
  • Similar principles of operation as described above are applicable throughout the world.
  • These theories use a special property that is applicable only for the two-country case.
  • Many people question if the current system is still applicable in this age of digital broadcasting.
  • As yet, there is no case law applicable to these issues.
  • Such a view is no longer applicable to number theory.
  • However, the death penalty under federal law is applicable in every state.
  • Notably, federal laws long applicable to the same products had not had the same effect.
  • The court also held that the applicable law at the time of conversion was civil law.
  • It consists of a small function applicable to each post (including one's own).
  • In many of those cases, the sales comparison approach may be more applicable.
  • It is applicable to matter and energy, not complex social systems.
  • These characteristics may be generally applicable to other disease conditions besides cancer.
  • Banks were not subject to any special regulations beyond those applicable to any other enterprise.
  • It no longer regards this traditional law as applicable to modern times.
  • Although there were no regulations applicable to his situation, he was retired against his will on medical grounds.
  • These can be found in the applicable governing body's rule book.
  • He believed that, ultimately, the results would be found to be applicable to humans.
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