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  • A wide variety of appliances and uses for gas developed over the years.
  • He spent ten years improving the design and went into business selling the appliance.
  • The control room will then deploy a further two appliances making a total of four.
  • He was employed at that time as a manager with an electric appliance company.
  • Thus, this method is not common, and there are few appliances designed for it.
  • Peak hours can also occur in the evening after work hours, when household appliances are heavily used.
  • Many dangerous appliances were discovered in this exercise and were taken out of service.
  • She had her orthodontic appliances on for two years before they were taken off.
  • Later, other colors became widely available and appeared in appliances and equipment.
  • Other large appliances appeared later in the same space.
  • It's available as an online managed service or as an on-site appliance.
  • Some small appliances perform the same or similar function as their larger counterparts.
  • Being considered a home theater appliance, the traditional media center system tag cannot be applied.
  • Some appliances use no energy when turned off.
  • Almost any type of food can be cooked on this type of appliance.
  • Strike teams however can be composite made up from appliances from a number of groups.
  • The company manufactured both large and small appliances for many years.
  • Other examples of sales occur on various goods such as appliances and cars.
  • Many patients wear a combination of, or all of these appliances at any given time in their treatment.
  • In all forms of the computer appliance model, customers benefit from easy operations.
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Meaning of appliance

  • noun A device or control that is very useful for a particular job
  • noun Durable goods for home or office use