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  • The higher trial court may also have some power of appellate review over the lower.
  • Thus it became impossible to become an appellate judge without being appointed by the governor.
  • The appellate court therefore returned the case to district court to sort out how this could be done.
  • He also wrote a published by his fellow appellate justices after he died.
  • In other systems, the appellate court will normally consider the record of the lower court.
  • She was admitted to practice before various state and federal trial courts and appellate courts.
  • In some places, the appellate court has limited powers of review.
  • The authority was established to work as an independent appellate body.
  • The supreme court has final state appellate jurisdiction in both civil and criminal law matters.
  • Each province's chief justice sits in the appellate court of that province.
  • After winning the two previous cases, the District lost its most recent case in the appellate court of California.
  • An Appellate Committee hearing an important case could consist of more than five members.
  • The judges sometimes decide to hear an appeal before the lower appellate court has heard the case.
  • After the appellate court makes decision, the parties can appeal to the Supreme Court.
  • The Israeli supreme court is both an appellate court and the high court of justice.
  • In those cases witness evidence may be necessary and many appellate courts have witness stands.
  • Each of the above-listed appellate courts is the highest court from its respective province or territory.
  • Appeals of right are cases that an appellate court is required to hear.
  • He was the first American to sit as part of the Appellate Body.
  • It is a court of final resort as well as an appellate court.
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Synonyms of appellate

Meaning of appellate

  • adjective Of or relating to or taking account of appeals (usually legal appeals)
    appellate court