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  • She turned her blue eyes upon him appealingly, and the young man was lost. Cited from Going Some, by Rex Beach
  • Again she looked appealingly into his eyes as if she were speaking in a dream. Cited from The Lady of Big Shanty, by Frank Berkeley Smith
  • Her eyes filled with tears and she reached out her hands appealingly. Cited from Through the Wall, by Cleveland Moffett
  • She put her little hand on his arm appealingly to win his consent. Cited from Bucky O'Connor, by William MacLeod Raine
  • She made a place for him at her side, looking appealingly at John. Cited from John Halifax, Gentleman, by Mrs. Craik:Dinah Maria
  • She looked appealingly to us all in turn, beginning and ending with her husband. Cited from Dracula, by Bram Stoker
  • The judge held up his hands before the whole court appealingly. Cited from What's Bred In the Bone, by Grant Allen
  • When she looked at him again, and rather appealingly, he saw that she had gray eyes. Cited from Quaint Courtships, by Howells & Alden, Editors
  • You make me feel like telling stories when you gaze at me so appealingly. Cited from Visionaries, by James Huneker
  • She was sitting up straight, her hands held out appealingly to him, her eyes big and bright. Cited from Lonesome Land, by B. M. Bower
  • It was perhaps an hour later when she lifted her eyes appealingly. Cited from The Secret of the Storm Country, by Grace Miller White
  • The girl looked at him appealingly and stretched out her hands to him. Cited from The Jungle Girl, by Gordon Casserly
  • She leaned her head against my arm and raised her eyes appealingly. Cited from Vendetta, by Marie Corelli
  • I looked at my mother appealingly, but she only shook her head. Cited from The Moving Finger, by Mary Gaunt
  • She hung her head in thought, and then lifted her eyes appealingly to me. Cited from When Knighthood Was in Flower, by Charles Major
  • She raised her baby eyes appealingly as she put the question. Cited from God's Good Man, by Marie Corelli
  • She put her two little hands together and pressed them appealingly. Cited from Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser
  • She stood before her daughter, looking down on her appealingly. Cited from The Custom of the Country, by Edith Wharton
  • She did not answer, but stood looking appealingly at her brother. Cited from Sarah's School Friend, by May Baldwin
  • He looked down on the liquid eyes, the fresh young face raised appealingly to his. Cited from The Coryston Family, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
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Meaning of appealingly

  • adverb In an appealing manner
    the table was set appealingly