appeal was rejected

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  • His last appeal was rejected about an hour before his death.
  • However, after their appeal was rejected, the club were allowed to replay their matches.
  • Weld went to court, but his appeal was rejected only a few hours before the sale.
  • Their appeal was rejected, but the municipal authorities were not the first to learn of this. Cited from The Companions of Jehu, by Alexandre Dumas
  • His appeal was rejected, and he was ordered for execution on the morrow. Cited from A Book of Remarkable Criminals, by H. B. Irving
  • He died in 1978, and after a year his appeal was rejected.
  • The appeal was rejected on a technicality but court added that she would be able to try again in a few months.
  • He later appealed against the sentence, but the appeal was rejected.
  • Pederick's later appeal was rejected when he produced no evidence to explain why his original confession had been false.
  • His appeal was rejected by the State Supreme Court.
  • Justice made haste, and thirty-five days after the verdict had been rendered the, appeal was rejected. Cited from The Companions of Jehu, by Alexandre Dumas
  • She appealed but when the appeal was rejected, she fled.
  • Her final application for appeal was rejected by the High Court in August 2014.
  • The appeal was rejected, and, despairing of help, she offered and sold to him the last remaining article of furniture. Cited from The Trials of the Soldier's Wife, by Alex St. Clair Abrams
  • The appeal was rejected, because Dockery was too far behind the front runners to impact the results.
  • Sentenced to life imprisonment, he was sent to Aiud prison after his appeal was rejected.
  • He appealed again, but his appeal was rejected.
  • This view was shared by the Privy Council and an appeal was rejected.
  • Howard received a three-game ban after Luton's appeal was rejected.
  • Balestier subsequently lodged an appeal against the red card but the appeal was rejected.
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