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  • Apparently a popular book by a science writer, on space travel in general.
  • Since then, apparently there are very little or not reported public activities of that organization.
  • Apparently the course covers much the same content as does the present book.
  • The album apparently also made more money than the film.
  • His father disowned him and his mother apparently never spoke to him again.
  • Apparently, this did not lead to dispute, nor did his parents attempt to get him back.
  • He apparently was the first scientist to state that light could move objects between stars.
  • It consists of what are today called word problems or story problems, which were apparently intended as entertainment.
  • Smith apparently never wrote any of it down.
  • The increasing number of housing units apparently is due to smaller family units and more individuals living alone.
  • He also, apparently, refused to believe stories of their wild behavior.
  • The locals had apparently known about them for many years but had not made an official report.
  • In the northeast section, apparently the main camp area, are the remains of several buildings and heavy equipment.
  • The group entered and were eventually sent to the finals, although they apparently hoped to come in last.
  • The plane apparently ran out of fuel en route to the Soviet Union.
  • Nothing of the roof apparently remained in place.
  • Treatment apparently has no effect on the recovery of hearing loss.
  • This process was apparently repeated every round until the finals.
  • However, when the crew arrived, more demolition had apparently taken place.
  • This early form of the game was apparently brought to North America by English immigrants.
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Meaning of apparently

  • adverb From appearances alone
    irrigation often produces bumper crops from apparently desert land, the child is seemingly healthy but the doctor is concerned, had been ostensibly frank as to his purpose while really concealing it"-Thomas Hardy, on the face of it the problem seems minor