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  • Poor length growth is apparent as early as the first year of life.
  • This is clear from the number of different hands apparent in the full score.
  • The two species may attack one another even when there is no food involved for no apparent reason.
  • It soon became apparent that a new name was needed to fit the new musical style.
  • It soon became apparent that the committee was too large for any further progress to be made quickly.
  • His fighting qualities were apparent from an early age and he was given royal military training.
  • This is usually referred to as the apparent weight of the object.
  • Once the laboratory was built, several problems with its construction became apparent.
  • Within the past ten years mercury has become more apparent in water tests.
  • His influence was apparent in the fields of politics, public administration and education as well as religion.
  • Finally there is often a need to correct for the apparent movement of the stars.
  • His influence was apparent, however, as several artists released covers of his songs, which proved popular.
  • Another way the military nature was apparent was the organized training regime.
  • Complex analysis shows some features not apparent in real analysis.
  • Opposition stopped when it became apparent that the new route benefited the town.
  • The effect is thus either a real or apparent modification of the cause.
  • Often, the early signs of dementia only become apparent when looking back in time.
  • The benefit of such a dual-purpose arm contained in one was soon apparent.
  • This was done because the apparent value increased.
  • However, it was soon apparent that Tulsa could not support two such schools.
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