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  • The app reached number one in free games immediately following its release.
  • The app also provides school forms for various activities and information on senior projects.
  • The channel was only available through their online listening service or the online app.
  • WBFH is one of only a few high school radio stations with their own app.
  • One such app was downloaded half a million times in six weeks, the report says.
  • APP has become the main source of international news for the Pakistani media.
  • The technology can be used either on a mobile device app or directly over the web.
  • The app will also include educational games for children.
  • The school also launched a mobile app for students to learn more about the school's history on the same day.
  • The APP News Service is mainly divided into three main areas: official, political and district news.
  • Once a track has been selected, users can record their performance using the app's own built-in recorder.
  • Understanding how users move through an app, game, or other web platform are all part of modern day path analysis.
  • A way to gather all his online content in one app.
  • He had hoped to use the money to develop a mobile app.
  • The app can also be used to locate a library's address and contact information.
  • This project included a TV-series, social media and an augmented reality app.
  • The app store is often shared with smartphones that use the same operating system.
  • This was a necessary step forward for users, who found the one-app-at-a-time approach very limiting.
  • The company spent in excess of one million US dollars on the app's design and development.
  • In addition, a show app is being developed for mobile devices.
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