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  • Then a very late father runs in and apologizes over and over again.
  • He apologized numerous times, and even said he would turn himself in.
  • She finally tells him that it is too late to come back and apologize.
  • The station apologized that same day in a news conference outside the station.
  • He should have apologized to the other five members of the conference committee.
  • She says he will have to apologize for what he has done.
  • However, he apologizes that they had to come a long way to die.
  • The state and city never apologized to the boys or their families for their treatment.
  • Why would he apologize for something he would do again?
  • She apologizes and they are able to end their friendship on good terms.
  • She apologizes for her previous actions and they talk for several hours.
  • For the last few years I've been apologizing for my home town. Cited from The Desert of Wheat, by Zane Grey
  • The two apologize to each other for their angry words, and soon start becoming friends.
  • The third man gave it to him again, and then, apologizing, left the room. Cited from Simon Called Peter, by Robert Keable
  • She also apologized for any pain her words might have caused.
  • Lee apologizes, but he has to leave them and return to his wife and job.
  • The world is full of people who are always making trouble and apologizing for it. Cited from The Wit and Humor of America, Vol. I (of X), ed. by Marshall P. Wilder
  • The group apologized on their website for having the show called off.
  • When the men return to the studio, they often apologize for their behavior.
  • When playing songs from the album live, they apologize to the fans for playing the song.
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Synonyms of apologize

Meaning of apologize

  • verb Acknowledge faults or shortcomings or failing
    I apologized for being late, He apologized for the many typoes
  • verb Defend, explain, clear away, or make excuses for by reasoning
    rationalize the child's seemingly crazy behavior, he rationalized his lack of success