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  • These apical leaves are typically larger than those found on stems without flowers.
  • Primary growth gives rise to the apical part of many plants.
  • Other than his role as apical ancestor, nothing is known of his life or actions.
  • A narrow dark bronze line is found around the apical edge.
  • There is very little acoustic difference between the two apical series compared to other languages in the area.
  • They may need apical surgery to save the involved teeth.
  • Various other genera are closely related to these two groups, mostly flagellates with a similar apical structure.
  • The apical part of the wing is strongly cupreous brown, especially around the edge.
  • This led them to believe that the apical ectoderm may play a role in forming parts of the wing.
  • There is also a small sinuous white band at the apical region.
  • The color of the shell is light brown, often with a single, apical chestnut band.
  • There is a row of six spots found at the apical region of the wing.
  • The apical margin of the yellow area is straight edged with a dark brown line.
  • There are one or two small hyaline round spots found in the sub apical area.
  • The apical third of the right hind-wing is also gone and the left front most leg has been disarticulated.
  • The ground color of the hindwings is white, becoming brown toward the apical margin.
  • They possess a tetrahedral apical cell, which goes on to form the plant body.
  • The tree was described as having a broad, oblong leaf without apical teeth.
  • Most species also have a cream or orange sub-apical bar.
  • The mines are mostly found in the apical part of the composite leaves.
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