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  • Most of the common people lived in large apartment buildings spread across the city.
  • She decided to move with her mother into an apartment for senior citizens.
  • This area has a number of small to large student apartment buildings.
  • Many of the former single-story houses have now been replaced by middle class apartment buildings.
  • Many high rise apartment buildings have also been built around the commercial area in recent years.
  • She turned towards the east and looked back, to the north, behind the apartment.
  • It was made up primarily of mid- and high-rise apartment buildings.
  • The house was attached to a three-story apartment building constructed at its original site.
  • A wall may also separate apartment or hotel rooms from each other.
  • Low-rise and high-rise apartments make up the rest of the community.
  • It served the surrounding communities for many years and is now an old apartment house.
  • The building still stands today, and has been converted to an apartment building.
  • Originally the site was to include a low-rise apartment building.
  • The family lived in one split level room on the top floor of a small apartment building.
  • He was found dead in their apartment only days later.
  • The apartments had an average of five people per room, sometimes up to eight.
  • Other members of the band moved to separate apartments during this time.
  • They halted in front of the three-story apartment where her parents lived. Cited from A Son of the City, by Herman Gastrell Seely
  • Sometimes several families would share a one-room apartment that did not provide enough room for even one family.
  • Throughout their time at the apartment complex, they have not met.
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Meaning of apartment

  • noun A suite of rooms usually on one floor of an apartment house