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  • A further commission for the museum was cut short when he died suddenly, apparently from an aortic dissection.
  • It can directly measure the pressure on both sides of the aortic valve.
  • Recovery from aortic valve replacement will take about three months, if the patient is in good health.
  • His cause of death has been variously described as a heart attack or an aortic aneurysm.
  • Since the 1960s, aortic valves have been replaced using open-heart surgery.
  • In the future there is hope to develop drugs that will better support and strengthen the aortic wall.
  • In addition to the above parameters, blood pressure on the upper arm and aortic blood pressure are also measured.
  • Braid's final scenes saw her character killed off, after dying of aortic aneurysm.
  • He postponed his one-man tour for surgery to replace his aortic valve.
  • Usually the murmur is well heard in the aortic area and along the left sternal border.
  • He also made a large contribution to the understanding of aortic dissection by publishing several case series on the condition.
  • In uncomplicated aortic dissections, no benefit has been demonstrated over medical management alone.
  • Indeed several studies had suggested an increased risk for aortic dissection in pregnancy.
  • The left ventricle should not be forced to act too sturdily against this aortic resistance. Cited from Disturbances of the Heart, by Oliver T. Osborne
  • Of all people with aortic dissection, 40% die almost straight away and do not reach hospital in time.
  • Cold cardioplegia is given into the heart through the aortic root.
  • In the table, the risk of valve failure seems to be greater in the aortic position as reported by some authors.
  • His cause of death has been reported as aortic regurgitation and nephritis.
  • Rheumatic heart disease is the most common cause of aortic insufficiency in developing nations.
  • Approximately 10% of patients may have other family members who have aortic aneurysms.
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