any residual

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  • Therefore the private company gets the benefits of any residual value of the project.
  • He makes no allowance for any residual weight they may have. Cited from The Gospels in the Second Century, by William Sanday
  • Any residual amount is returned to the owners of the company.
  • Psychologists were sent to the school to deal with any residual stress that resulted from these events.
  • Any residual water circulation past the seals still causes heat loss.
  • Withdrawal of symptoms without any residual neurological finding is another key feature in their recognition.
  • If the patient survives 24 hours, recovery without any residual effects will usually occur over several days.
  • Any residual power is then fed back into a second motor that powers the output of the drivetrain directly.
  • Muscadet wines are often light bodied and almost always dry with very little, if any residual sugar.
  • It mandated that the monarchy would remain largely as it was but would become entirely ceremonial, without any residual political powers left.
  • Chemotherapy is used after surgery to treat any residual disease, if appropriate.
  • However, any residual bubbles pose a risk of growth if decompression is started before they are fully eliminated.
  • Any residual harmonics can be removed using a further filter.
  • A capacity within the Mozambican armed forces has been developed to deal with any residual problem thereafter, likely to be limited to ammunition finds.
  • Note: Be sure to clean any residual paint from the hopper area.
  • The difficulty involved here appears to me of the same nature as the difficulty of ascribing any residual heat to the sun after eternal time has elapsed. Cited from Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays, by J. (John) Joly
  • Consequently, the best time to carry out the irrigation is typically in the evening, allowing any residual liquid to be passed the next morning before leaving the home.
  • Only the occasional sweet rarity, made from extremely ripe grapes, kept any residual sugar.
  • Edward cultivated politicians from all parties, including republicans, as his friends, and thereby largely dissipated any residual feelings against him.
  • The patient may also be given a solution designed to coat any residual faeces which may not have been cleared by the laxative.
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