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  • He ordered each film studio to make an antisemitic film.
  • It was also revealed he had made another antisemitic joke a few days previously.
  • When he returned to Japan he became the leading voice of antisemitic propaganda.
  • Her studies there soon ended, likely due to antisemitic incidents at the University.
  • He and leaders of four other far right parties have visited Israel, despite their antisemitic roots.
  • Their idea was not to make of France an antisemitic country.
  • The partly antisemitic and agricultural party becomes very successful in that time.
  • He also said he did not make his choice because of personal political, antisemitic, or racist reasons.
  • He stated that he did not hate Jewish people and was not antisemitic.
  • Jewish children often fell victim to antisemitic incidents on their way to or from school.
  • Since no Jews lived in the town, no antisemitic actions occurred.
  • In this period he also became an antisemitic writer.
  • In subsequent years, she frequently expressed regret for her roles in antisemitic films.
  • In modern times, critics have said that some performances are antisemitic.
  • For a year, no further antisemitic action was taken.
  • This is a list of countries where antisemitic sentiment has been experienced.
  • Shortly after adoption of this law, several antisemitic regulations were issued during the same month.
  • Its policies can be described as both anti-Soviet and antisemitic.
  • Even these characters and their actions are distorted to support the film's antisemitic message.
  • Universities in many countries have been the site of antisemitic policies and practices at different times in their history.
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