antique furniture

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  • Johnson was an art historian whose collections of antique furniture and paintings filled the house.
  • Inside, a substantial permanent collection of antique furniture and household items are in view.
  • The building did not suffer structural damage but the majority of the antique furniture was destroyed.
  • The antique furniture shops were simply enthralling, and I wanted nearly everything I saw. Cited from Set in Silver, by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  • The second version features Anggun in an "art room" filled with antique furniture.
  • Again, these rooms are hung with paintings by Australian artists and contain antique furniture and other items of interest.
  • The movement is generally considered part of the late Victorian period in terms of broad antique furniture designations.
  • Second, buy antique furniture should pay attention to evaluation, fly and buy things particularly gullible.
  • Furthermore, she located objects and antique furniture with cultural value from within the palace to be placed in the exhibition gallery.
  • His family had been in the furniture trade for generations, his grandfather having dealt in antique furniture a century earlier.
  • Some antique furniture was rescued but many valuable objects were lost.
  • The architecture is original, and the house has been filled with antique furniture and furnishings that date from the period when it was built.
  • Its products are known for durability, and many are still in use while others have been restored by antique furniture dealers.
  • It's the same thing as the antique furniture.
  • The hall contains a varied collection of antique furniture, porcelain and glass, family portraits and much more.
  • The barns have seen later use as a summer stock theatre, stable and for many years an antique furniture barn.
  • He supported himself at art school by repairing and reproducing antique furniture.
  • Stripping is only done as a last resort, especially with antique furniture.
  • Several women from the event did not want to disband, and instead sought an area to move many of the antique furniture collections to another location.
  • He often uses reclaimed arts and crafts framing or antique furniture in his work.
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