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  • Today, anthropomorphic characters can also be found in central roles in video games.
  • The characters live in a world of anthropomorphic animals who live like humans.
  • Except for the three children, all of the characters in the main story are anthropomorphic animals.
  • The human cast of characters are replaced with a cast of anthropomorphic animal versions of those same characters.
  • Various anthropomorphic animals live in this island alongside the main characters.
  • However, there are normal, non-anthropomorphic animals in the show as well.
  • All of the characters are either anthropomorphic animals or other strange creatures.
  • His work often draws on form and structure found in the natural world, and can be described as anthropomorphic.
  • All the characters in the game are various anthropomorphic animals.
  • The term has been criticised as being anthropomorphic, but continues to remain in use.
  • The series occasionally features anthropomorphic versions of famous people, most notably in Red Soul.
  • Some of the characters live on Earth, but its population comprises other anthropomorphic animals as well.
  • There is a site museum which features small anthropomorphic figures.
  • They are described as anthropomorphic and short, sometimes having the head of a rat.
  • In some cases, the weapon may be depicted as in both anthropomorphic and their true form.
  • The show featured the adventures of anthropomorphic talking fruit in and around a forest island.
  • Like other games in the series, it features anthropomorphic characters and a battle between forces of Light and Darkness.
  • The game is an action/shooter featuring anthropomorphic animal characters in the old west.
  • The characters are all anthropomorphic animals, and the technology level is about equivalent to the early 20th century.
  • They left behind works of art, particularly anthropomorphic ceramics, but no major monuments.
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