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  • Info An anthropologist is a person with an extensive knowledge of anthropology who uses this knowledge in their work, typically to solve problems specific to humanity.
  • He, along with many other anthropologists, played an important role in this project.
  • He also studied medicine in his youth and became a prominent anthropologist later in life.
  • Research in these fields has influenced anthropologists working in other countries to different degrees.
  • The study showed that the race concept was widely used among Chinese anthropologists.
  • The relationship between anthropologists and the military has long been the subject of controversy.
  • When he was hired, he was one of the first full-time anthropologists in Canada.
  • Many other anthropologists from the United States were limited to three weeks' stay.
  • This inspired her use of anthropologists as characters in some of her novels.
  • Photographs became one of the important secondary sources of anthropologists for their case studies.
  • Cultural and social anthropologists today place a high value on doing ethnographic research.
  • Research design is actually an important part of this process, allowing anthropologists to present a specific question and answer it.
  • Historians and anthropologists have found no evidence to support such a theory.
  • The town and surrounding area are of rich cultural interest to anthropologists and other researchers.
  • Instead what later anthropologists found was that neither sex competed to be the dominant one.
  • Most anthropologists now agree that universal human rights have a useful place in today's world.
  • Cultural anthropologists have long used field research to study other cultures.
  • Anthropologists who examined these remains agreed that they belonged to modern human beings.
  • Anthropologists have provided evidence that only a very few boats in any flotilla carried domestic animals.
  • He is a social anthropologist with extensive international experience from research, research management and consultancy work.
  • In addition, he has written several books on the nature of art and artists, including Artist as Anthropologist.
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  • noun A social scientist who specializes in anthropology