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  • Many anthropogenic changes are the cause for such a large population decline.
  • Population of C is threatened by several anthropogenic factors throughout its range.
  • It is expected that blooms may increase due to anthropogenic effects in the coming years.
  • The anthropogenic land use has made the area even more susceptible to flooding.
  • The only threats that can be recorded are coastal development and other anthropogenic activity.
  • During the last few years the area has been subjected to various stresses of anthropogenic activities.
  • In Africa, Spain and Italy it has been reported mostly in urban or anthropogenic garden areas.
  • They have concluded that the majority of scientists support the idea of anthropogenic climate change.
  • Habitat loss and destruction can occur both naturally and through anthropogenic causes.
  • Anthropogenic waste heat is thought by some to contribute to the urban heat island effect.
  • Various security measures have been set in place to protect the carvings from natural and anthropogenic influence.
  • In contrast, numerous others have become threatened or have become extinct in the face of anthropogenic change.
  • It remains unclear whether the extra-American distribution is primarily natural or anthropogenic.
  • The interest in anthropogenic fire came about in the wake of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Habitat loss is also occurring at high levels for a variety of natural and anthropogenic reasons.
  • Anthropogenic climate change evolved from a mere science issue to a top global policy topic.
  • The increase in available anthropogenic food sources is contributing to population increase in some corvid species.
  • Abiotic and anthropogenic factors can be found to work together to limit a species range.
  • Anthropogenic heat is a small influence on rural temperatures, and becomes more significant in dense urban areas.
  • The term anthropogenic designates an effect or object resulting from human activity.
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