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  • Info In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Anthraxus the Decayed is a powerful altraloth, a unique magically augmented yugoloth. more...
  • Anthraxus was one of the patrons of the Horned Society when it was founded almost a century ago.
  • Anthraxus appears as a tall man with a ram's head, badly ravaged by disease.
  • His greatest enemy is Anthraxus, whose throne he usurped.
  • Anthraxus's mortal cultists are marked with deforming diseases as a sign of their faith.
  • Anthraxus formerly wielded a powerful artifact called the Staff of the Lower Planes.
  • Particularly favored archdegogs are transformed by Anthraxus to become an aspect or puppet of their god.
  • Cultists of Anthraxus sacrifice young humans with all the qualities they dislike: youth, beauty, health, innocence, and so on.
  • Anthraxus began roaming the Lower Planes, searching for allies among the gods of evil in the hope of reclaiming his throne.
  • Anthraxus' priests, called degogs, dress in bright red robes with black hoods and sashes.
  • Though Mydianchlarus is slain in these events, Anthraxus is thwarted in his attempt to wholly destroy his hated foe.
  • Anthraxus played an important part in one of the adventures found in Swords of the Iron Legion (1988).
  • Statues of deformed cultists and yugoloths of various castes are common, as well as statues of Anthraxus himself.
  • The Sepulcher of Mydianchlarus now lingers as a burning reminder of Anthraxus's broken reign.
  • In Planes of Conflict, whose in-game date corresponds to 587 CY, Anthraxus is said to have been recently deposed.
  • Further south, the landholders of Iuz's former lands dedicated themselves to the worship of Nerull, Anthraxus, and the Lords of the Nine.
  • Shrines to Anthraxus, called conventicles, are found in hidden, subterranean areas, and involve flaming pentacles and blood-red swords thrust into the altars.
  • Anthraxus seeks alliances among the evil gods of the Lower Planes to help him take back his throne, so far without success, though in Artifact of Evil he acts as a messenger for Nerull.
  • Anthraxus appeared as one of the altraloths in Dragon Annual #2 (1997).
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