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  • Info An anthology is a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler. more...
  • Several anthologies were also published in the years after the war had ended.
  • Green plans to release all his short stories in two separate anthologies.
  • He work has also been published internationally where it has appeared in various anthologies.
  • She also made several appearances in anthology television series in the early 1950s.
  • They have released seven studio albums, two anthologies and one live album.
  • They were well-loved, and several similar anthologies followed immediately after the success of the first.
  • She has published ten books of poetry and has also been featured in a number of major anthologies.
  • Several similar anthologies followed immediately after the success of the first.
  • Many multi-author anthologies feature at least one of his short stories.
  • She published books of letters and collected the works of other leading writers into anthologies.
  • His work has been published in more than eight anthologies.
  • He has also published several short stories in various anthologies.
  • He also has many short stories published in various anthologies.
  • Many of his stories have been included in various anthologies of classic science fiction.
  • Many of these songs were published in anthologies but at least some fifty or more songs were never published.
  • He has written many books on theatre, two dramatic anthologies and many plays, among other works.
  • More recently, he has compiled four anthologies about literature, city life and public life.
  • She has had nearly a hundred other short stories published in small press magazines and professional anthologies.
  • She published several collections of poetry, and her work has been included in anthologies.
  • His works soon began to appear in popular 19th-century piano anthologies.
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Meaning of anthology

  • noun A collection of selected literary passages