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  • The cells for reception are located all over the body, particularly towards the anterior side.
  • These ears may be of similar size and shape, or the anterior ear may be somewhat larger.
  • They are slightly darker and more yellow in color than the other anterior teeth.
  • Their front claws are so large that their anterior feet are not useful for walking.
  • The vulva is located in the anterior end and accounts for about one-third of its body length.
  • The lens is more flat on its anterior side than on its posterior side.
  • If the animal moved the anterior part of the body in a certain direction, it would cause the rest of the body to move in that direction.
  • In anterior uveitis, no associated condition or syndrome is found in approximately one-half of cases.
  • The inner two barbels are more anterior than the outer ones, but they are similar in length.
  • The eyes are aligned almost laterally but move to a more anterior location during growth.
  • Oonopids usually have six eyes, the anterior median eyes having been lost.
  • These "wings" are attached to the anterior part of the body.
  • Further, white matter tracts connecting posterior brain regions with anterior regions appear less organized.
  • They then rapidly reach the anterior pituitary where they exert their hormonal action.
  • This example sentence is then in the future anterior.
  • Finally, two more leads are placed on the anterior tibialis of each leg to measure leg movements.
  • The anterior teeth are highly elongated, often being several times the length one would expect for snakes of their size.
  • The front (anterior) of the eye is on the left.
  • All jumping spiders have four pairs of eyes with one pair being their particularly large anterior median eyes.
  • They are usually concentrated in the anterior two thirds of the body, although they can reach close to the posterior end.
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Meaning of anterior

  • adjective Of or near the head end or toward the front plane of a body