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  • We may become wise enough and well-managed enough to do without this anonymousness: we may not. Cited from Friends in Council (First Series),Sir Arthur Helps
  • Among these, each of whom has his name and place, there moved others, almost unknown, or hidden under an impenetrable anonymousness.
  • The features of the platform seek to promote privacy and anonymousness.
  • If the anonymousness were taken away, the press would lose much of its power; but then, why should it not lose a portion of its power, if that portion is only built upon some delusion? Cited from Friends in Council (First Series),Sir Arthur Helps
  • I think, however, that the review of Erewhon in the Spectator did sell a few copies of Erewhon, but then it was such a very strong one and the anonymousness of the book stimulated curiosity. Cited from The Note-Books of Samuel Butler, Samuel Butler #14
  • It must be recollected, however, that this anonymousness (to coin a word) may not only be useful to protect us from any abuse of power, but that at least it takes away that temptation to discuss things in an insufficient manner which arises from personal fear of giving offence. Cited from Friends in Council (First Series),Sir Arthur Helps
  • He had not faced that blank staring hell of anonymousness, that bottomless, weak, watery muck of irresponsibility -- that terrific, devilish vagueness which a crowd is and which a crowd has to be without leaders. Cited from Crowds, by Gerald Stanley Lee