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  • A multiple-use name is a name used by many different people to protect anonymity.
  • Their greatest value is they provide a relatively high level of anonymity.
  • She lost her Japanese identity when she joined the group to maintain her anonymity.
  • Anonymity is often mentioned in popular media as a possible cause for negative effects.
  • It said that he has gone hiding and he lives in total anonymity.
  • None of them have asked us to provide them with anonymity.
  • He spoke on condition of anonymity in line with the agency's policy.
  • Whereas, in the anonymity group the members were simply not asked to provide their personal information.
  • He would then leave his new surroundings in a further search for anonymity and security.
  • As part of this process, individuals become less self-aware and feel an increased sense of anonymity.
  • Conservative critics fear the possibility that one would no longer have anonymity in public places.
  • He was little known as a person and loved his anonymity.
  • Even individuals who may have provided one-time pieces of useful intelligence usually prefer anonymity.
  • Unfortunately the names of these people cannot be revealed because I promised them complete anonymity. Cited from The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, by Edward Ruppelt
  • He was able to maintain anonymity for just under one year, despite speculation.
  • Moscow offered new jobs and also safety in anonymity of big city life.
  • But the reason for this was the writer's own desire for anonymity.
  • The ability to create and change your identity in this way, is due to anonymity.
  • He has said that he plays in a band where "anonymity is important/understood by all involved".
  • They remained in anonymity and were believed to have been simply absorbed into English society.
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Meaning of anonymity

  • noun The state of being anonymous