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  • The greater part of the region has less than of rain annually.
  • They continue to play each other annually in other sports.
  • Four million visitors come annually to visit the city and the region and also for its festival.
  • The council executive board is headed by the council president and is made up of annually elected local community leaders.
  • The gold production of mines reached the figure of of gold annually.
  • In addition to the two major events, a number of minor festivals are held annually.
  • The student society's leadership is elected annually during campus wide undergraduate student elections.
  • It's World Championships are held annually in the summer in a different country.
  • The award is given annually to a composer who has made significant contributions to film and television music.
  • It seems as though they were usually chosen annually.
  • The entire facility is open all year round and a large number of meetings and various events are held here annually.
  • A man was only bound to serve a certain number of times, but the land still had to find a man annually.
  • The Committee reports annually to the Meeting of the Parties on its operations.
  • Some were performed daily, while others took place annually or on rarer occasions.
  • They must report and reapply annually; and they must complete at least one advanced course every three years.
  • It annually awards the best practices which has received widespread media attention.
  • Staff answer nearly half a million reference questions annually for individuals, businesses and government agencies.
  • Two long-standing high school rivalries are played annually at this stadium.
  • The US Open is held annually in late August and early September over a two-week period.
  • Made famous by his first short story, he worked methodically and produced two or sometimes four volumes annually.
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Meaning of annually

  • adverb Without missing a year
    they travel to China annually