annual commemoration

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  • Annual commemorations are held on the island and there is also a memorial museum.
  • The festival highlights the town's annual commemoration of her foundation day.
  • It is the site of an annual commemoration of the victims of the suicide attack that took their lives.
  • Annual commemorations still take place, attended by residents and US veterans.
  • After months of pressure, the government allowed twenty Armenian survivors to attend the event in its first annual commemoration.
  • He decided that an annual commemoration would be held on 1 June.
  • There is an annual commemoration of his death at the site of the ambush.
  • It has been used as the site of annual commemorations of the Titanic disaster.
  • In Dublin, an annual commemoration, is held on the third Sunday of November.
  • Annual commemoration of that emancipation day drive became famous and is known as the London to Brighton run.
  • After the war, a monument was erected at the site of his death, where annual commemorations of the clash are held.
  • The school holds its annual Commemoration Service at the ancient parish church, now known as Southwark Cathedral.
  • John of Gaunt held annual commemorations of her death for the rest of his life and established a joint chantry foundation on his own death.
  • After their death let them have a moderate funeral, such as their fathers have had before them; and there shall be an annual commemoration of them. Cited from Laws, by Plato
  • But his relations and friends kept up an annual commemoration of him down to a long time after; and the days of the meeting were called Lycurgides. Cited from Plutarch's Lives, A. H. Clough,
  • Over time, these donation, rituals, annual commemorations formed into an elaborate system of accepted norms.
  • She also appeared at Kent State University in May of the same year, for the 25th annual commemoration.
  • The area was the site of a large tree under which was held an annual commemoration service to Saint Pappan on the last day of July.
  • The annual commemoration of the battle is important for many nationalist Frisians.
  • Today, the square is the center of an annual commemoration by atheists and freethinkers.
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