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  • No official results were announced for more than a month after the first round.
  • Plans for actual production of the aircraft have not been announced.
  • The date of the ceremony where his star will be put in place has yet to be announced.
  • Long was shot a month after announcing that he would run for president.
  • She announced that the tour would start in July.
  • Prior to that, the results were announced in early February.
  • Several other customers also exist but were not announced at the time.
  • The stars met up in London and announced the happy prospect of working together.
  • She finally announces to him that their marriage is over, and he leaves.
  • These are used to announce that a service is soon to take place.
  • France, Britain and the United States announced that they opposed moving the organization.
  • He announces he will leave again in a month, though he promised he would stay.
  • Nanomix announced that a product could be launched within three to six months.
  • They announce that the act is finished and they are to be married.
  • It was announced that reprisals had been decided, but not what form they would take.
  • East Germany has announced that, starting immediately, its borders are open to everyone.
  • This again shows the influence of the west wind which announces the change of the season.
  • A male voice on the machine announces they both won the part.
  • The next week he formally announced his intentions of running for president.
  • Individuals are sometimes given an opportunity to announce their clean time to the group.
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Meaning of announce

  • verb Make known; make an announcement
    She denoted her feelings clearly
  • verb Announce publicly or officially
    The President declared war
  • verb Give the names of
    He announced the winners of the spelling bee
  • verb Foreshadow or presage