annex the region

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  • The British later annexed the region of Griqualand West, an area which included the diamond fields.
  • The Ottoman Empire annexed the region in the mid-16th century.
  • The Bulgarian Empire subsequently annexed the region again.
  • Successive French rulers sought to annex the region to France.
  • Later on, the Sultan of Malwa annexed the region into his fold.
  • Muslim Arab and Turkic arrived and annexed the region before the beginning of the 2nd millennium.
  • The Ottoman Empire annexed the region in the first half of the 16th century, and the monastery was occupied and damaged, including most of the art.
  • McDonald's suspended operations in its corporate-owned stores in Crimea after Russia annexed the region in 2014.
  • He also struggled with the Ganga king for control of present-day Orissa; the Gangas managed to annex the region only after his death.
  • In 1821, Minas Gerais attempted to annex the region, but due to local resistance, the attempt failed.
  • Swedes annexed the region during the Third Swedish Crusade.
  • Simultaneously, Russia had formally annexed the region of Georgia, allowing unrestricted travel and trade between the regions and Russia, furthering its public claim on the land.
  • The Bulgarians finally had the opportunity to intensify their campaigns in Macedonia and annex the region and its Slavic population to their state.
  • When the Romans annexed the region in 241 B.C., the population of Narce dispersed.
  • When the king of Calicut annexed the region, the rulers of Permbadappu fled to Cranganore.
  • Baker formally annexed the region around the upper Nile for the Khedive of Egypt in 1871.
  • The demands to annex the region came in the middle of Gorbachev's reform policies, Glasnost and Perestroika.
  • The subsequent international outcry over human rights abuses forced the Belgian state to annex the region in 1908, forming the Belgian Congo.
  • The Italians annexed the region to Italian Somaliland in 1936 after their conquest of Ethiopia.
  • In the period that the magazine was published, Austria-Hungary were occupying Bosnia and exercised de facto control, but had not yet formally annexed the region.

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