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  • She knew how to draw him out; and shortly he was talking animatedly. Cited from Half a Rogue, by Harold MacGrath
  • On the day the great distance record was created he came rather animatedly into the kitchen where she happened to be. Cited from If Winter Comes, by A.S.M. Hutchinson
  • She was talking animatedly and her two friends were apparently hanging on every word she uttered. Cited from Grace Harlowe's Junior Year at High School, by Jessie Graham Flower
  • He was talking to his companion animatedly when he saw Jack approaching. Cited from In Friendship's Guise, by Wm. Murray Graydon
  • After a time they all had the story and began to talk among themselves, animatedly, not quite pleasantly. Cited from Pollyanna, by Eleanor H. Porter
  • While we were pushing ahead with this task we discussed its coming purposes very animatedly. Cited from Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons,by Frederick Arthur Ambrose Talbot
  • I saw him talking animatedly with the first lieutenant for some time, and then he beckoned to me. Cited from A Middy of the Slave Squadron, by Harry Collingwood
  • Dinner was over before she was aware of it, and they were still talking animatedly as they rose from the table. Cited from The Pit, by Frank Norris
  • She began to talk very animatedly to Rosalie about several matters of no consequence. Cited from The Danger Mark, by Robert W. Chambers
  • As she reached it Dudley came through, talking animatedly to the man who walked beside him. Cited from The Voice of the People, by Ellen Glasgow
  • Marise stood at the other end talking animatedly to the two she had with her. Cited from The Brimming Cup, by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  • Father and son were talking animatedly, discussing some point on which Francisco seemed determined to have his way. Cited from Port O' Gold, by Louis John Stellman
  • Billy, after a moment's silence, began to talk animatedly. Cited from Miss Billy Married, by Eleanor H. Porter
  • Occasionally they talked animatedly; quite as frequently they sat in sociable silence. Cited from The Gray Dawn, by Stewart Edward White
  • She was contrite, and they played Five Hundred animatedly all evening. Cited from Our Mr. Wrenn, by Sinclair Lewis
  • Occasionally they interrupted the procedure to run about animatedly, returning shortly to resume their labour. Cited from Through Central Borneo, by Carl Lumholtz
  • The young woman plunged animatedly into a discussion of the topic as he presented it. Cited from Mrs. Red Pepper, by Grace S. Richmond
  • All about him were scores of men in groups, each group animatedly intent upon some topic from baseball to high finance. Cited from The Masques of Ottawa, by Domino [AKA: Augustus Bridle]
  • He was talking animatedly to the girl, having changed the general trend of the conversation to a manner and tone directed more particularly to her. Cited from The Sport of the Gods, by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • He embraces and chats animatedly to his mother, and she brings him to bed later.
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How animatedly gets used

Meaning of animatedly

  • adverb In an animated manner
    they talked animatedly