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  • After a moment, the owner of the car then angrily tells him to stop.
  • Having not been told about the project, he angrily demanded to know what they were up to.
  • When they come back a half hour late, Tom angrily grounds them.
  • When the original group returned, they angrily put an end to the Home Branch.
  • She confronts him angrily about the fact he walked out on her and never came back.
  • He angrily tells her to leave his office as his phone rings again.
  • He orders them off of her angrily, telling them not to touch her unless he is present.
  • He angrily asked he why she did not rise.
  • Rose angrily tells her to mind her own business.
  • Though when Mary tells him he is beyond help, he angrily curses her.
  • She tells him that they need him to love them, and he angrily orders her back to the abbey.
  • She leaves and angrily shoots at him instead, burning part of his face.
  • They meet him further up the route but she angrily dismisses him since he is accompanied by his friends.
  • She throws them at him, and angrily asks him what she may take with her when she leaves.
  • When Schmid tried to meet his birth mother, she angrily told him never to come back.
  • He then turns around angrily and the rest of the neighborhood kids come over.
  • She speaks angrily and rapidly but seems to have a language of her own.
  • She angrily declared that neither she nor the Emperor would be going anywhere and returned to her rooms.
  • She rings him again in the morning and angrily breaks up with him.
  • She angrily tells him that she loved her life before she knew about her calling and even loved it for a little time after.
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Synonyms of angrily

Meaning of angrily

  • adverb With anger
    he angrily denied the accusation