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  • Angerer earned first team all-state honors as a senior and junior.
  • Angerer, the World Cup leader, earned his second medal at the championships with a bronze.
  • The group had no choice but to retreat, since Angerer had suffered serious injuries from falling rock.
  • Angerer was hit just below the shoulder blade and injured though it is said that he tried to continue climbing.
  • Although he had strong Nazi connections, Angerer held no official position within the Nazi state.
  • It was Vylegzhanin's first world championship medal and Angerer's sixth career medal.
  • Angerer made her international debut for Germany against the Netherlands in August 1996.
  • Kurz hauled himself back to the mountain face after cutting loose Angerer below him.
  • Pundits credited Angerer's win with a strong door-to-door campaign which began in March of that year.
  • As a legislator, Representative Angerer was noted to author legislation brought to her by residents of her district.
  • Angerer was interrogated by the Allies after the end of the Second World War.
  • In the course of the action Angerer is mistaken for several other people, in particular Prince Alba.
  • In her five minute substitute appearance she almost scored but was denied by German goalkeeper Nadine Angerer.
  • Angerer bested Milosch in the general election, outspending him nearly three-to-one.
  • Later, it would be learned that the group had no choice but to retreat, since Angerer had suffered more serious injuries from the falling rock than at first thought.
  • Peter Angerer, West Germany, was stripped of silver due to use of a forbidden substance.
  • Angerer made his first career start during week 6 against Washington Redskins in place of an injured Brackett.
  • At the 1986 World Championships, Angerer finished second in the individual and came third with the relay team.
  • The West German team was stripped of bronze due to Peter Angerer's use of a forbidden substance.
  • Teichmann and Angerer are the first Germans to win gold and silver at the same distance in the cross-country portion of the World Championships.
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