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  • Info Angera is a town and comune located in the province of Varese, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. more...
  • The castle on the other side of the lake is Angera's Rocca.
  • A few kilometres further on a corner is turned, and the splendid castle of Angera is caught sight of. Cited from Alps and Sanctuaries, by Samuel Butler
  • In 1916 the head of the family was granted the title Prince of Angera.
  • He was extolling a certain family of peasants who live near the castle of Angera, as being models of everything a family ought to be. Cited from Alps and Sanctuaries, by Samuel Butler
  • A few miles nearer Angera there is Brebbia, the church of which is an excellent specimen of early Lombard work. Cited from Alps and Sanctuaries, by Samuel Butler
  • Martyr was born at Lake Maggiore in Arona in Piedmont and later named for the nearby city of Angera.
  • Europeans are forbidden to ride by way of Angera to Tetuan. Cited from Morocco, by S.L. Bensusan
  • I know Ightham, Hever, and Stokesay, both inside and out, and I know the outside of Leeds; these are all of them exquisitely beautiful, but neither they nor any other such place that I have ever seen please me as much as the castle of Angera. Cited from Alps and Sanctuaries, by Samuel Butler
  • In 1776 Alessandro Volta, while a guest of the Castiglioni family in Angera, discovered marsh gas, or methane, here.
  • The first European Championship which was a multi sport event involving both finswimming and underwater orienteering was held under the title of the First European Championship of Subaquatics Technical at Angera, Italy in August 1967.
  • They have three children: Angera (b. 2005), Ludovico (b. 2008) and a second son Federico (b. 2012).
  • Isolino Partegora (known locally as Isulin) is an islet situated at the centre of the gulf of Angera on Lago Maggiore, the only island on the lake to fall within the Italian region Lombardy.
  • He fought for the rule of the city with the Torriani family, and especially with Napo della Torre, who had denied him access to Milan and had defeated an army under Teobaldo Visconti, later Pope Gregory X, Ottone's nephew, at Angera in 1276.
  • The Rocca Borromeo di Angera, or Rocca d'Angera, also called Borromeo Castle, is a castle that stands on a lakeside hilltop in the limits of the town of Angera in the Province of Varese on the Southern shores of Lago Maggiore.
  • Michelino's last known work is the fresco with the Procession of the Magi in the church of Santa Maria di Podone of Milan and fragments in the Rocca Borromeo di Angera (1445-1446).

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