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  • He is known for his anecdotal songs which often take the form of short stories.
  • Reports of second sight are known only from anecdotal evidence given after the fact.
  • Some anecdotal evidence suggests they live three to five years in the wild.
  • Very little anecdotal evidence and little to no physical evidence has ever been provided to prove its existence.
  • Her letters formed a sort of anecdotal history of the politics and literature of her times. Cited from A Publisher and His Friends, by Samuel Smiles
  • Most evidence towards either side is anecdotal and therefore cannot produce a definite answer.
  • Most of the evidence consists of anecdotal evidence of relatively few cases.
  • For the most part these claims are based upon anecdotal evidence.
  • Anecdotal evidence is considered the least certain type of scientific information.
  • Anecdotal evidence suggested that the number of election day attacks could actually be much higher than the government reports.
  • A case report is generally considered a type of anecdotal evidence.
  • Evidence to support its use is largely anecdotal with very few scientific publications supporting its use.
  • Despite their size, little is known about this genus, much of it being from anecdotal accounts.
  • Anecdotal information on the species refers to an association with fire in the culture of those people.
  • It is from him that we learned the anecdotal origin of this village's name.
  • The teacher, and sometimes also the student, can make anecdotal notes about the content of the conference.
  • There is no clear answer, and without comprehensive data, any evidence is largely anecdotal.
  • He became most famous for his anecdotal paintings of Scottish and English life.
  • Anecdotal evidence explains how people make connections with highly positive or successful people.
  • Anecdotal knowledge, is a memory of a particular case or event that may not surface without context.
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Meaning of anecdotal

  • adjective Having the character of an anecdote
    anecdotal evidence