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  • Africa, which is home to almost all species, is the most likely ancestral home of the group.
  • They believe that their culture was created at the beginning of time by ancestral beings.
  • According to this theory these two major ancestral groups came to Japan over different routes at different times.
  • The ancestral environment likely had relatively little trade, division of labor, and capital goods.
  • The differences between the two groups are due to their separate ancestral origins.
  • She grew up in her ancestral home, Kiernozia, where she also received her education.
  • This is the result of a single ancestral structure being adapted to function in different ways.
  • Each family has its own sacred ancestral fire, which is kept by the fire-keeper.
  • However, far fewer can still speak their ancestral language, after centuries of language shift.
  • No care is the most likely ancestral state and is still seen in most teleost families.
  • It also shows that the evolution could have occurred gradually because the ancestral state was originally maintained.
  • He named the settlement after his ancestral home in Wales.
  • In fact, it is thought that this species is the one that is ancestral to all other species in the genus.
  • She by-passed the ancestral names of her husband.
  • The ancestral home of these princes is located southwest from the modern city.
  • When one of these ancestral animals arrived at a given spot, it discarded its animal appearance and became human.
  • These changes have also been the reason behind certain plants and animals being almost unrecognizable when compared to their ancestral lines.
  • During the ancestral period between one million to two million years ago, a complex of large stratovolcanoes was created.
  • Adaptation may cause either the gain of a new feature, or the loss of an ancestral feature.
  • He named the town Scotland as a way of commemorating his ancestral home.
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Meaning of ancestral

  • adjective Of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor