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  • Most of them code for something other than female anatomical traits.
  • Man-made endocasts are sometimes made from blood vessels for medical or anatomical reasons.
  • Following are lists of surface anatomical features in humans and other animals.
  • The teeth themselves may look normal and do not have any particular anatomical character on clinical examination.
  • However, more recent work have found many problems with this theory including the lack of anatomical structures for the actual heat exchange.
  • Children also become aware of anatomical sex differences between male and female genitalia.
  • Others showed a small difference, limited to cases where the prostate is particularly close to certain anatomical structures.
  • This work was useful because the anatomical structures of these animals usually closely mirror those of humans.
  • Other more detailed anatomical features also set the species apart from other members of Caranx.
  • The design was probably based on anatomical research recorded in his Vitruvian Man.
  • Each of these areas has a complex internal anatomical and neurochemical organization.
  • Anatomical studies of the human body were also executed by medical doctors.
  • Every anatomical structure or behavior response has origins in which they were, at one time, useful.
  • The work contains valuable information about the state of anatomical science before the time of Galen.
  • In standard anatomical position in humans, these correspond to the head and feet.
  • The aim of the book was to explain the soul from an anatomical point of view.
  • Classical scholarship in those years occupied his pen more than anatomical observation.
  • These systems are not anatomical structures of the brain but, rather, mental processes.
  • The remaining parts of the skeleton were shifted slightly out of their original anatomical position.
  • Like other animals, its appendages move, and in this image are not in a standard anatomical position.
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