anatomical position

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  • Despite this fact, the joint surface should be restored as close to its anatomical position as possible.
  • In standard anatomical position, the human body is standing erect and at rest.
  • Each bone offered some special features dependent on its structural character and anatomical position. Cited from Surgical Experiences in South Africa, 1899-1900, by George Henry Makins
  • Their importance is in relation to their anatomical position and tendency to grow over time.
  • The animal must have fossilized soon after its death, because all bones lay in their natural anatomical position.
  • The action refers to the action of each muscle from the standard anatomical position.
  • In standard anatomical position in humans, these correspond to the head and feet.
  • The remaining parts of the skeleton were shifted slightly out of their original anatomical position.
  • Like other animals, its appendages move, and in this image are not in a standard anatomical position.
  • Anatomical terms used to describe location are based on a body positioned in what is called the standard anatomical position.
  • This has the effect of pulling the hemorrhoidal cushions back up into their normal anatomical position.
  • The male was also not "cut" while in standard anatomical position, so the cuts through his arms are oblique.
  • Using the terms defined in the anatomical position, the ventral side is down, and the dorsal side is up.
  • For the foot, pronation will cause the sole of the foot to face more laterally than when standing in the anatomical position.
  • The terminology used, describes this motion according to its direction relative to the anatomical position of the joints.
  • In the extreme, complete blindness in one eye generally leads to the blind eye reverting to an anatomical position of rest.
  • Every named structure in the body is digitally recreated in detail and deployed in their true anatomical positions in the body.
  • Procidentia is a medical term which has a similar meaning to prolapse, the falling down of an organ from its normal anatomical position.
  • The thoracic duct, although so much protected by its anatomical position, under exceptional circumstances has been ruptured or wounded. Cited from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Gould/Pyle
  • The sternal fibers can also contribute to extension, but not beyond anatomical position.
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