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  • Several anatomic parts are in his studies, mainly from the female body.
  • Often their presence is considered normal anatomic variants rather than a true medical condition.
  • To effect this increased work permanently, anatomic changes in the heart are bound to follow. Cited from Mother's Remedies, by T. J. Ritter
  • A year earlier, John Warren and his friends had created a secret anatomic society.
  • It is a normal anatomic variant seen in up to half the population.
  • Regardless of the name applied, the middle ear anatomic site must be known or confirmed.
  • The following anatomic variations can make the translabyrinthine approach much more difficult and at times impossible.
  • His anatomic drawing textbooks have become standard reference works; several have been translated into English.
  • These left-right anatomic abnormalities can also result in congenital heart disease.
  • To depict even fine anatomic structures and devices, brilliant image quality is required.
  • The majority of his original scientific publications focus on anatomic aspects of cardiovascular disease.
  • Indeed, a sufficient general idea of the course of the embryonic development of man can be obtained without going too closely into the anatomic details. Cited from The Evolution of Man, V.1., by Ernst Haeckel
  • From the anatomic position, a common baseball player batting from the right side will exhibit these movements before the pitch.
  • In Latin anatomic nomenclature similar orthographic changes over time can be seen.
  • This band has not been formally described in anatomic texts.
  • More recent publications in the psychology literature have raised doubt as to whether the anatomic size of the corpus is actually different.
  • The tumors are usually removed in small pieces due to the anatomic confines of the area.
  • The study claims that daily computer use of 2 hours or more increases the risk for pain at most anatomic sites.
  • This unity is found in both the anatomic structure and the physiological function. Cited from The Evolution of Man, V.1., by Ernst Haeckel
  • If the candidate passes these sections, they will be double boarded in both clinical and anatomic pathology.
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Meaning of anatomic

  • adjective Of or relating to the structure of the body
    anatomical features
  • adjective Of or relating to the branch of morphology that studies the structure of organisms
    anatomical research