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  • On his death-bed his mind still worked analytically. Cited from Valley Of Silent Men, by James Oliver Curwo
  • One can analytically continue these functions to the n-dimensional complex space.
  • Any process studied analytically will be performed more intelligently, even if there is no change in the method. Cited from The Psychology of Management, by L. M. Gilbreth
  • This system is one of the few systems whose kinetics can be determined analytically.
  • However, because of the complicated source term, the solution is generally too difficult to find analytically.
  • For Place, higher-level mental events are composed out of lower-level physical events and will eventually be analytically reduced to these.
  • In other words, language was analytically prior to thought.
  • After each game, Cannon produces a ten page report completely breaking down the game analytically.
  • They are encouraged to approach issues analytically, think globally and understand subject matter from different points of view.
  • Analytically, the culture has been broken down into various stages or horizons.
  • Often, the value of r cannot be found analytically.
  • Nevertheless, an important piece of information can be derived analytically.
  • The show analytically reviews and previews Australian and international football and football issues.
  • They take a broad view when problem-solving, and by moving slowly and analytically, will almost always come to the right decision.
  • In this case, unlike the example used previously, the mean and variance could not be found analytically.
  • Under certain conditions it can even isolate the transfer function analytically!
  • Not that she thought this all out analytically. Cited from Lo, Michael!, by Grace Livingston Hill
  • The overall gain spectrum can be derived analytically, as is shown below.
  • This latter is more complex analytically, but more realistic as well.
  • Simple two-body problems, for example, can be solved analytically.
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Meaning of analytically

  • adverb By virtue of analysis
    assuming that the distinction is maintained one may ask which is to be analytically prior?