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  • The piece has received a lot of analytical attention, particularly regarding its musical form.
  • Henry Charles too had a ready facility for languages and analytical thought.
  • The analytical writing is split up into two sections, one section for each issue and argument task.
  • After leaving university she held a number of management and analytical roles in both the public and private sectors.
  • However, analytical observations deal more with the 'how' of a health-related event.
  • The break-even point is one of the simplest yet least used analytical tools in management.
  • The importance lies less in the pattern of land use predicted than in its analytical approach.
  • Analytical models of a process are generally better for giving insight into the heart of what is going on.
  • It is divided into two major sections, an analytical section and policy recommendations.
  • His methods of organic analysis enabled him to direct the analytical work of many graduate students.
  • This work is considered the first example of historiometry, an analytical study of historical human progress.
  • However, the winning speeches generally stick to the traditional, more analytical way of speaking.
  • Over the years the journal grew into a major information and analytical program of the Radio Moscow foreign service.
  • Mass spectrometry generally gives significantly better analytical performance, but is also significantly more complex.
  • But he had a sharp, analytical mind and considerable skill at administration.
  • Finally, the third "analytical" section would study the principles behind these phenomena.
  • Each instrument used in analytical chemistry has a useful working range.
  • Close attention to this turn-by-turn display of understanding provides one important check on analytical interpretations.
  • Personnel selected for intelligence duties may be selected for their analytical abilities and personal intelligence before receiving formal training.
  • Analytical techniques are currently being discovered to allow this to happen.
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