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  • Where additional information is required, some collection may be directed by the analyst.
  • The financial media and analysts will be able to access additional information about the business.
  • He's now a basketball analyst for several radio shows along the island.
  • A number of the company's top analysts have published books in their own name.
  • Systems analysts have designed computer programs that track goals for numerous members of an organization.
  • He also worked as a television analyst during college basketball games.
  • The group of eight analysts watched every game at the tournament before making their decision after the final.
  • The group of nine analysts watched every game at the tournament before making their decision after the final.
  • Analysts stated his relatively late entry into the campaign might have cost him votes.
  • She worked there for six years, first as a technical writer and then as a computer analyst.
  • This hit was chosen by a number of football analysts as the hit of the year.
  • However, some political analysts did not expect it to have a significant effect on the election.
  • He is considered one of the greatest analysts of the 20th century.
  • These protests otherwise could have turned into colour revolution, according to many analysts.
  • Technical analysts consider it significant when one moving average crosses over another.
  • Five Good Minutes is used as a discussion of one subject between the four analysts.
  • Leading up to the game, many college football analysts called Oklahoma one of the best teams ever.
  • Istook has also been a guest analyst on national television including appearances on most major news programs.
  • After his playing career ended, Redmond became a popular color analyst on television.
  • He served primarily as a speech writer and political analyst.
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  • noun Someone who is skilled at analyzing data
  • noun An expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions
  • noun A licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis