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  • All analogies lead us to believe that its appearance must have been sudden. Cited from The Elements of Geology, by W. H. Norton
  • Perhaps the most famous is his analogy between a watch and the world.
  • By means of analogy, we can know the relationship between God and us.
  • Analogies drawn from plant life may help us to understand how these causes operate. Cited from What Is and What Might Be, by Edmond Holmes
  • Their analogies are based upon conditions that exist among the better class. Cited from The Eugenic Marriage, Volume I (of IV), by W. Grant Hague
  • What is the meaning of this and what analogies do we find to it? Cited from Kinship Organisations and Group Marriage in Australia, by Thomas
  • Black and White is about using individual problems as analogies to social ones.
  • In particular, this is one area where it is possible to see legal analogy in action.
  • The latter analogy points to the discussion involved in an open-source development process.
  • Some of the things he has told me have suggested several odd analogies enough. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 2, No. 8, Jun, 1858
  • Like other popular views, this one follows the analogy of the most usual experience.
  • Analogies with scientific laws have served art and art criticism a very bad turn of late years. Cited from Albert Durer, by T. Sturge Moore
  • All analogies between animal and human life have an element of danger in them. Cited from The Psychology of Nations, by G.E. Partridge
  • Indeed, no other game exists which offers such complete analogies to war. Cited from Chess and Checkers, by Edward Lasker
  • We know, by analogy, only the relationship, not the unknown things that are related.
  • They talked much about your strange new life and its analogies elsewhere. Cited from Recalled to Life, by Grant Allen
  • Never having had a child herself, she can't draw any wrong analogies from her own case. Cited from Works Charles and Mary Lamb, V5, Letters, by Lamb
  • The analogy he provides to explain his theory is that of wood and fire.
  • One must also consider the difficulties in trying to make an analogy match reality completely.
  • He made the analogy with that of how water falls in a water wheel.
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Meaning of analogy

  • noun An inference that if things agree in some respects they probably agree in others
  • noun Drawing a comparison in order to show a similarity in some respect
    the operation of a computer presents and interesting analogy to the working of the brain, the models show by analogy how matter is built up