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  • This is one of the main reasons why digital systems have become more common than analogue devices.
  • Many small aircraft can also be modified post-production to replace analogue instruments.
  • In some species, hemolymph has other uses than just being a blood analogue.
  • The figure has analogues of human arms, legs, an eye, and a head.
  • It is the analogue for local fields of global class field theory.
  • No known real-life analogues of such a device currently exist.
  • A later edition of the book contains a reference guide to the characters and their real world analogues.
  • Analogues can be drawn to the cooking term, meaning in some terms the same thing.
  • The show displayed a famous analogue-style clock on the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Local class field theory in dimension one has its analogues in higher dimensions.
  • They are available on either analogue, digital and/or internet radio.
  • Some one-station markets or markets served only by full-power repeaters remain analogue.
  • Many of the functions performed by analogue electronics can be performed by software instead.
  • Before the agreement, Ten was carried in an analogue format on cable only.
  • And we may find analogues of the meaning of poetry outside it, which may help us to appropriate it. Cited from English Prose, Ed. by Frederick William Roe and George Roy Elliott
  • This produced the necessary two points that could be processed by an analogue computer.
  • As a result, the station's coverage area is not much larger than it was in analogue.
  • WB900 - an analogue radio frequency based system that did not support even low speed data communications.
  • They could be described as the analogues of caper stories in film history.
  • All of these practices have their analogues in other parts of the globe. Cited from Child in Folk-Thought, by Alexander F. Chamberlain
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Meaning of analogue

  • noun Something having the property of being analogous to something else
  • adjective Of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input
    analogue device, linear amplifier