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  • Human-made analogs of life may also be considered to be life.
  • This made Digital rights management more of an issue in digital media than analog media.
  • An analog cut-off date for those stations was not set.
  • Analog signal processing is still important in the design of many control systems.
  • Bed rest studies are used as ground-based analogs to space flight environments.
  • Many of these analogs can be very useful design references for space systems.
  • AM may also be generated at a low level, using analog methods described in the next section.
  • The band also went to use old analog equipment instead of a more popular digital recording gear.
  • An analog video format consists of more information than the visible content of the frame.
  • Telephone service covers the entire state but rural areas still use analog.
  • Analog video is used in both consumer and professional television production applications.
  • The difference between analog and digital systems is the form of high-level signal error.
  • However, large installed bases of analog professional equipment still exist, particularly in third world countries.
  • He also made use of analog music sequencers in his early albums.
  • This disc could hold an hour of analog video along with digital audio on each side.
  • In analog circuit design, the current-control view is sometimes used because it is approximately linear.
  • Digital video is a type of digital recording system that works by using a digital rather than an analog video signal.
  • However, the difference between these systems is what makes analog computing useful.
  • This type of circuit is usually called "mixed signal" rather than analog or digital.
  • Meanwhile, the band had just been able to give itself a name: The Analogs.
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