an undisguised

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  • An undisguised military man can never be treated as a spy. Cited from Military Instructors Manual, by James P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker
  • The last of these themes especially has an undisguised fascination for her. Cited from Punch, Vol. 158, February 25th, 1920, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • The first of these was an undisguised envy of those richer than himself. Cited from Familiar Studies of Men & Books, by Stevenson
  • "You'll join us, I think?" he said, with an undisguised sneer. Cited from Count Hannibal, by Stanley J. Weyman
  • The parting was more painful to him than he had expected, because to her it was such an undisguised and terrible agony. Cited from Not Pretty, But Precious, and Other Short Stories, by John Hay, et al.
  • She then follows Jared to where he meets with an undisguised Kate.
  • "Then you were never here before?" the stranger asked, looking down upon her with an undisguised admiration, which yet had nothing impertinent in it. Cited from Bessie's Fortune, by Mary J. Holmes
  • In the meanwhile she was an undisguised angel visitant to the House on the Hill. Cited from Wild Wings, A Romance of Youth, by Margaret Rebecca Piper
  • The moment they meet, Nightstar and Ibn have an undisguised attraction for one another.
  • If he tells it (as he does more than once) with an undisguised pride, it is a pride with which it is impossible not to sympathise. Cited from Cicero, by Rev. W. Lucas Collins
  • The trades were jealous of each other's wages, and watched each other with an undisguised feeling of superiority to all others in each. Cited from Jean-Christophe Journey's End, by Romain Rolland
  • Smith was also noted for his displays of feigned injuries that would often lead to penalties against opponents, for whom he carried an undisguised enmity.
  • But the man had cherished an undisguised aversion for me since my Liebesverbot. Cited from My Life, Volume I, by Richard Wagner
  • They disliked the army system with an undisguised hatred and contempt. Cited from Now It Can Be Told, by Philip Gibbs
  • In an American function of the same kind, the actors take an undisguised interest in each other, while a French or Italian assembly would be still more demonstrative. Cited from The Land of Contrasts, by James Fullarton Muirhead
  • With the entire freedom of opinion and an undisguised expression thereof on their part the Government has neither the right nor, I trust, the disposition to interfere. Cited from A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents, Richardson
  • It was impossible for me to avoid feeling a very strong regard for this enthusiastic and beautiful girl; all the more, indeed, because she evinced such an undisguised admiration for me. Cited from Manuscript in a Copper Cylinder,James De Mille
  • Since the government was no longer an undisguised tyranny and since the people themselves were growing richer, a strong sentiment of personal loyalty to the sovereign began to spread among them. Cited from Lady John Russell, by Desmond MacCarthy and Agatha Russell
  • There was a mellow softness and an undisguised paternity in his tones -- and what more natural, the girl being in pain? Cited from A Perilous Secret, by Charles Reade
  • He would be in and out all day on any and every pretext, always entering with an undisguised eagerness, leaving with a slow, dreamy reluctance. Cited from Friday, the Thirteenth, by Thomas W. Lawson
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