an overcast

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  • It could simply mean an overcast day, although Mark certainly uses it for dramatic effect here.
  • The night was pitch dark with an overcast sky, making flying extremely difficult.
  • Behind her, partly drawn red curtains reveal an overcast sky seen through a closed window.
  • During an overcast day, the peak output never reaches a level close to what is reached on a clear day.
  • Sunshine was needed but it turned out to be an overcast day.
  • But on an overcast day the problem is a lack of contrast.
  • Furthermore, weather can change throughout the day - for example, a rainy morning followed by an overcast afternoon and evening.
  • It was on an overcast, rainy evening that he at length received permission to return. Cited from The Young Carpenters of Freiberg, by Anonymous
  • The wind was behind us, blowing between thirty and forty miles per hour, and from an overcast sky light snow was falling. Cited from The Home of the Blizzard, by Sir Douglas Mawson
  • For example, on an overcast day when you cannot see your shadow there is no direct radiation reaching you, it has all been scattered.
  • The frame is put out into daylight requiring a minute or two under a bright sun or about ten times this under an overcast sky.
  • It was not night, but a sort of eclipsed day, not much darker than our winter days under an overcast sky. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 13, No. 79, May, 1864, by Various
  • At race time, conditions were mild with an overcast sky.
  • The appearance achieved by ambient occlusion alone is similar to the way an object appears on an overcast day.
  • In the chill, gray light of an overcast morning they reached Easton station. Cited from A Terrible Secret, by May Agnes Fleming
  • There is essentially no direct sunlight under an overcast sky, so all light is then diffuse sky radiation.
  • The result is usually visually similar to an overcast day.
  • The hair was dull brown, with an overcast of pale flame on it; the skin too white. Cited from Son of Power, by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost
  • Owing to an overcast sky, the view was not a great deal more enlightening than that which we had had from below. Cited from The Home of the Blizzard, by Sir Douglas Mawson
  • The trans-island flight is 30 minutes on a clear day and an hour on an overcast one.
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