an industrial conglomerate

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  • The Daewoo Corporation was better known as an industrial conglomerate, making cars and ships and operating steel works.
  • Videocon Group is an industrial conglomerate with interests all over the world, and is an Indian multinational company.
  • The title sponsor of the tournament is Lotte, an industrial conglomerate based in South Korea.
  • Sarawagi Group is an industrial conglomerate in India.
  • Bannari Amman Group is an industrial conglomerate based in Tamil Nadu state in India.
  • Nurol Holding is an industrial conglomerate in Turkey operating in the construction, defence manufacturing, energy, investment banking and tourism industries.
  • Modi is the President and Managing Director of Modi Enterprises, an industrial conglomerate created and run by his family.
  • The company continued as an industrial conglomerate after nationalisation of its bus interests; it was acquired by BTR plc in 1983.
  • The Efromovich family has created Synergy Group in 2003, an industrial conglomerate in Brazil operating in various business segments.
  • Ciner Holding (Park Holding until December 1994) is an industrial conglomerate in Turkey operating in energy, media, and commerce.
  • On August 2000, she would be awarded the title of Businesswoman of the Year for her outstanding contribution of Johnnic from an industrial conglomerate to a modern telecommunications media group.
  • He bought the Ashio copper mine from the Japanese government in 1877, which he later organized, with his other holdings, into an industrial conglomerate called the Furukawa zaibatsu, one of the most important in Japan.
  • MSIL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maheswaris & Patels Group of Companies (M&P Group), an industrial conglomerate, whose interests include sugar manufacturing, electricity generation, steel manufacturing, metal fabrication and construction.
  • The was an industrial conglomerate, or zaibatsu, in the Japanese controlled Empire of Manchukuo, established at the instigation of the Imperial Japanese Army to further the industrialization of Manchukuo, and in particular, to make it self-sufficient in strategic heavy industries.
  • It is an industrial conglomerate in the fields of designing, engineering and fabrication of machines/equipment, production of spiral and longitudinal welded steel pipes, general contracting of oil, gas and petrochemical projects, water and sewage utilities and manufacturing of wind power generators.
  • Concern YACONTO JSC (an industrial conglomerate headquartered in Moscow) was the second largest shareholder of Atommash OJSC after the State itself, holding 28.5% shares as of 1997.