an attempted burglary

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  • The brother's successfully retrieve the device while at the same time thwarting an attempted burglary.
  • In short, nothing had been gained by this official interrogation, and Huang blandly denied any knowledge of an attempted burglary of his establishment. Cited from Tales of Chinatown, by Sax Rohmer
  • Some speculate that it was an attempted burglary and that the suspect set the lighthouse afire to cover any evidence of wrongdoing.
  • Ned had begun to wonder if there had been an attempted burglary, a fight, or something like that, calling for police action, which had gathered an unusual throng that warm, spring evening. Cited from Tom Swift Among The Fire Fighters, Victor Appleton
  • He later appears in 1999 to present Dot Cotton (June Brown) with an award, after she foils an attempted burglary at the surgery.
  • Wilkinson's campaign also delved into Harper's personal life, admitting that it tipped off the media about Harper's son, who had been shot to death in an attempted burglary.
  • In July 1937, when he was living in Hampstead, a telephone call made by his wife about an attempted burglary resulted in the first arrest attributable to the new 999 emergency number.
  • Viewed from this perspective, the only difference between completed burglary and attempted burglary under Florida law was the fact that, in an attempted burglary, the would-be burglar was caught before entering the building he sought to invade.
  • The police were called; however, because Kotz Ross was unable to identify the intruders, the case, then thought to be an attempted burglary, remained unsolved and was finally closed by the LAPD almost a year later.
  • She was found murdered 3 December 2006, along with her elderly housemaid, Malti Devi, apparently as a result of an attempted burglary.
  • Te Whiu was hanged at Mount Eden Prison in August 1955, after he had killed an elderly widow in Ngararatunua, near Kamo, when an attempted burglary went wrong.
  • Other false trails were the fabrication of an e-mail that implicated a business rival of Teddy in the murders, the fabrication of threatening e-mails, and the staging of an attempted burglary and an abduction.