an Army Cadet

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  • An Army Cadet unit was also formed in 1910 which existed until 1969.
  • His son Stanford Touchstone, an Army cadet, played for him at West Point in the early 1950s.
  • A quasi-military presence remains on the island in the form of an Army Cadet unit and the Maritime Volunteer Service.
  • After graduation, he trained as an army cadet in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • She was an army cadet in a sub-military programme that trained with the military of Barbados and Shontelle was her drill sergeant.
  • The College operated an Army Cadet unit, or The Corps as it was more familiarly known, from an early date until becoming a voluntary-aided school in 1981.
  • There is also an Army Cadet Force hut on the premises at which the Brighton detachment of the Army Cadet Force meets.
  • An Army cadet named Stephen Hilder fell to his death at Hibaldstow airfield in July 2003, after the risers on parachutes had been cut.
  • The house and gardens are all that remain of an estate that once encompassed more than, Since 1949 it has belonged to the War Office (now the Ministry of Defence), and currently hosts an Army Cadet training centre.
  • As an Army Cadet corps the 2537 Battlefords Army Cadets are expected to participate in fundraising for activities for any additional requirements that are not provided by Program Funding.
  • Each year the school NCC troop goes to an ATC Camp where the students are given training as an army cadet, an adventure camp gives them an exposure to adventurous activities like parasailing, mountaineering, bouldering and rock climbing.
  • The last of these crashes caused the deaths of 25 aircrew and passengers, making it the RAAF's worst peacetime disaster; 21 of the people killed were high school students returning from an army cadet camp.
  • The squadron was created out of an army cadet unit in 1951 by Flt Lt Duff, a teacher and the squadron's first Commanding Officer who had been a pilot during WW2 flying B-25 Mitchell bombers.