an airliner

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  • The aircraft was operated as an airliner, but mainly by the French military forces as a medium transport.
  • It can also help a passenger sleep in a noisy vehicle such as an airliner.
  • The civil transport version has an airliner-type interior which seats 19 passengers.
  • His unfortunate death in an airliner crash cut short what may have been his most enduring legacy to the nation.
  • As travel distance increases, the latter consideration becomes less of the total cost of operating an airliner and air travel becomes more cost-competitive.
  • On an airliner this would be all the flying and control surfaces behind the rear pressure bulkhead.
  • It was the beginning of the end for Concorde as an airliner; the type was retired three years later.
  • The album cover was designed by Hipgnosis, and consists of a painting of an airliner about to open its cabin door.
  • This was the first in-flight fire occurring on an airliner.
  • After combining with an airliner body, it can transform into the and use its fire breath and missile in combat.
  • This discussion was in the context of the failed attack on an airliner on Christmas Day.
  • Stack played the pilot of an airliner who comes apart under stress after the airliner encounters engine trouble.
  • The player can slow an airliner to 170 knots in order to space aircraft in an approach pattern.
  • This was not, however, the record for longest time aloft for an airliner.
  • These are desirable characteristics of an airliner, though it is not known if Bristol had this in mind.
  • A case of mass food poisoning amongst the passengers on an airliner could have disastrous consequences.
  • What may end an airliner's working life is a lack of spare parts, as the original manufacturer and third-party manufacturers may no longer provide or support them.
  • The manufacturers believe that an airliner striking the ship would not destroy the reactor.
  • An airliner-sized fuselage is all that is needed for this role.
  • On an airliner with wing-mounted engines under the same circumstances, the engine mounting pins would probably have snapped.
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