an afterlife

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  • Many seem to have believed that an afterlife would be available only to those who lived to see the kingdom.
  • Because she does not believe in an afterlife, she finds it impossible that he could be her dead husband.
  • People who believe in an afterlife tend to live longer physical lives -- that's just one example.
  • Religion can play a key role, especially in terms of expectations of an afterlife.
  • This is an afterlife which some heroes believe they will go to.
  • Paul says that it is just a matter of whether or not one believes in an afterlife.
  • Now they wanted to handle a case in which they would like to prove that there is an afterlife for any human.
  • He has stated that he does not believe in an afterlife, and sees religion as "doing the right thing".
  • The Council are the people who take an afterlife test and give a soul work - a task to accomplish.
  • The ancient Mesopotamians believed in an afterlife that was a land below our world.
  • Throughout this time period Miller was deeply concerned with the question of death and an afterlife.
  • She stated in her last interview that she still did not believe in God nor an afterlife, but instead believed in kindness.
  • However, most religious systems acknowledge an afterlife and improving this is seen as an even more basic good.
  • They did, however, have an afterlife, being published in England and Scotland well into the eighteenth century.
  • He does not believe in an afterlife because he finds it is better to believe life "isn't just a test".
  • The story takes place in New York City and deals with death and the idea of an afterlife.
  • Regarding Allin's views on death, he believed in some form of an afterlife.
  • These rituals were related to the issues of birth, growth, death, and the hope of an afterlife.
  • Though various evidence has been advanced in attempts to demonstrate the reality of an afterlife, these claims have never been validated.
  • In season two, it is revealed that his mother died when he was younger, something that affects his faith and belief in an afterlife.
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